16 October 2006

Cool! A Survey!

A.D. Freudenheim, The Editor

I recently renewed my subscription to The Economist. As usual, the notices began arriving about six months before the subscription actually ended, but I waited until about six weeks prior to the end before sending in my renewal -- for $119 for the year. A week later, wouldn't you know it, I received yet another mailing offering me a chance to renew for $99. Believe me when I say that I don't need either The Economist or an economist to tell me I clearly should have waited longer to renew and saved another $20.

The magazine publishing business is an odd one. But before I get into all that, I want to inquire about the habits and experiences of my readers. I have created an online survey with10 questions, available by clicking here. I will leave the survey up for two weeks before reviewing and reporting on the results (although the data will all be publicly available for the curious to review on their own). As always with such surveys, a disclaimer is needed: this is highly unscientific. But that doesn't mean we cannot have a little fun...

Please fill out the survey -- and we'll take things from there.


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