11 June 2007

Just This Once

Just this once, in more than six years in office, President Bush was right: the Senate's attempted (and failed) non-binding resolution of a vote of no confidence in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was stupid.

Stupid because it was doomed to fail.

Stupid because it would have had only the slimmest symbolic value, even if it had passed.

Stupid because while the Senate was screwing around with this, they could instead have been serving subpoenas to Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, and others -- and actually held hearings to get to the bottom of what's rotten in the Department of Justice.

Make no mistake: Gonzales should resign or be fired. But the best way to put pressure on both Gonzales and Bush is to reveal to the world how corrupt their actions have been, and how much they consistently put party before country.

And so, dear Senators, please quit wasting time - to say nothing of money, and the slimmest margin of political capital - on meaningless non-binding resolutions. Bring Rove, Miers, et al before Congress and force this issue into the open at long last.


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