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My day job?  Communications in the arts & culture (

My other non-day job?  Writing about life.  You found one spot; here’s the other:

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  1. I just found you by looking up “the truth as I see it.”

    A quote that was made by Rush Limbaugh on I am following him since the shooting here in Tucson on Jan 8, 2011. He is just as disgusting as I remember him to be.

    Your Oct 2010 comment about what can we do-we do feel helpless. I am tired of the vitrolic rhetoric. I am so fed up with the negativeness of politics.

    I would love to hear what a candidate will do for this country.

    Pols want us to vote for them, but when we vote for an intiative they dislike, we don’t know what we are doing.

    For the first time, in Nov, I voted for a Libertarian. I just could not vote for McCain.

    For the first time I have taken a pay cut: my retirement is $100.91 less per month because of the increase in my health insurance and a rise in my Federal Income Tax.

    That is a large amount for me.

    I guess it is time to stop, as I could go on and on.

    Beverly Mahl

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