09 November 2006

Dear President Bush

Dear President Bush:

I appreciate that, after six years in office and almost four years of disastrous war policy, Donald Rumsfeld has -- perhaps with your encouragement? -- finally decided to take responsibility for his failures by stepping down from office. At a moment when the Republican Party has witnessed such a stunning public rebuke in Tuesday's elections, this certainly seems the right maneuver, a start on a path to regaining some much-needed credibility with the American people.

I have only one question: shouldn't Vice President Cheney resign, too? Isn't now the right time for that? After all, Mr. Cheney is as a responsible as Mr. Rumsfeld for the direction and failure of the Iraq war, and for failures in our pre-war analysis and planning, to say nothing of his negative impact on a broad range of domestic policy.

Forgive my impertinence, Mr. President, but I think you should ask Mr. Cheney to resign, too -- for the good of your administration, and the good of the nation.

Yours sincerely,
A.D. Freudenheim


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