29 November 2006

Is Zionism Still Relevant?

I have been meaning to post about -- and post a link to -- Jewcy.com for several weeks now, but today is definitely a good day to do it.

Jewcy.com is running a new series of exchanges under the title "Is Zionism Still Relevant to the American Jew?", an exchange between David Shneer and Stefan Kanfer to address the conundrum of whether or not, as the Jewcy.com editors were told, "your demographic does not want to read about Israel. They don’t care. They’re not interested."

Anyone who regularly reads what I write knows care about Israel -- and consider myself a Zionist. And I suspect I'm in Jewcy.com's demographic. And I am fairly sure I know a few other folks from our demographic who care (even if they feel differently about the situation than I).

So, have it, folks; on Day 1 of this exchange, I'm enjoying the read.


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